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  Bands / Four Square
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Simon Head - Vocals, Guitar
Allan Shaw - Guitar, Vocals
Jason Lioumanis - Drums
Paul Schedlich - Bass
BTR 68 Hitmaker CD Single
BTR 71 Three Chords... One Capo CD
BTR 84 Industry At Home CD
Combing equal parts Abbey Road, late 70’s power pop and mid-nineties melodic punk rock with the studio wizardry of singer/songsmith Simon Head, Toronto, Canada’s Four Square comes with a succinct hard hitting post punk rock package that packs a visceral punch… not to mention it’s catchier than a case of V.D. from Amsterdam. No overbearing. bone-headed, bellowing Canuck rock here. Their engaging live show has been honed over several Canadian and European tours, sharing stages with Sum 41, The Weakerthans, Danko Jones, Treble Charger, Ten Foot Pole, Dillenger Escape Plan, Sick Of It All, Millencollin and Bowling for Soup.

After the moderate success of their breakthrough album, Three Chords… One Capo, Four Square return to the post pop punk fray a mere sixteen months later with their third and strongest release to date, Industry At Home. Recorded and produced by the band at Simon Head’s own Insight Recorders, Industry At Home marks both a continuation and departure of their celebrated sound, which will undoubtedly attract an even wider following. This release is a sonic leap for the band, as the songwriting and performances are bolstered by their tightest, tour tested lineup to date. Their signature dual guitar attack with delicate pianos and sweeping string arrangements paired with Head’s hooky vocal melodies reflect the “good ol’ days” of four “good ol’ boys” now just trying to live in a very fucked up world.

Industry At Home will be released in Europe on Sweden’s Bad Taste Records on Oct 12th 2004. Releases in Japan, Canada and the United States of America will follow. Four Square will tour the world to support this release in 2004/2005.