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Karl Larsson - Everything
BTR 91 Pale As Milk CD
After several international album releases and constant touring with his band Last Days Of April, Karl Larsson wanted to try a different approach for his solo album by scaling down the production and not worrying too much about the timing of the record or the expectations that automatically accompany each new LDOA release. During 2004, LDOA played over 100 shows worldwide and as the band leader and main songwriter of the band, Larsson also had to take on the responsibilities as the band’s spokes person and organiser. In that sense “Pale as Milk” is a very different project, sprung solely out of personal preferences and desires.

Karl Larsson’s music has always been characterized by honesty and openness. And “Pale as Milk” is no exception – the mix and production tells of a human warmth that is difficult to mask with a multi-layered production and vocal effects.

What differs “Pale As Milk” from previous recordings is that the album doesn’t share the same struggle for perfection that can be seen in most of LDOA’s productions. All the songs on “Pale as Milk” were written, arranged, produced and recorded by Karl Larsson himself, before receiving the final touches in the mix by Grammy award winner Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Sahara Hotnights etc). This album was born out of spontaneity and Karl wants that to shine through in the entire production.

The song writing is mainly characterized by smart pop melodies rather than being bound by trends from a certain time. Something that makes the album difficult to place and define. Influences can be traced back to 80’s pop music, while the approach to certain songs stem from indie guitar heroes such as J Mascis. But Karl Larsson is also an obvious part of a Swedish indie pop-tradition, alongside as diverse bands as Popsicle and Fireside. A frustration that expresses itself in an almost impressing restraint.

Larsson’s lyrics display a simplicity and straightforwardness that never comes close to trivial or boring, but that puts the focus and tone on a resolute – but never hopeless – insight of the world, and the love between people.

“Pale as Milk” will be released by Bad Taste Records all over Europe this summer and starting in August Karl will spend the rest of the year touring Europe, Japan and Australia extensively.