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  Frequently Asked Questions
# 1. Can we send you our demo tape?
      # 1.1. Will you listen to it?
- We listen to everything we receive. It usually takes a while because we receive a lot of demos, but eventually we always listen to it.
      # 1.2. Will you write back after listening to the demo tape?
- With the amount of demo tapes we receive there is rarely time to write back, unless of course we're interested in releasing your band or including a song on one of our compilations. Please don't be too disappointed by this. We would love to be able to write back to everyone, but we are already working days, nights and weekends to try and get things done. Just in case though, please include your e-mail address.
      # 1.4. Where do I send it?
We only accept digital promos. Please send only streaming links such as Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud etc. Make sure the link is active for a long period of time as it can take us a bit of time to get to it.

All emails including download links and/or mp3s/wav files will be deleted immediately.

Sent to: info@badtasterecords.se
      # 1.3. I send you a demo but never got any response or reply. Why?
See answer 1.2.
# 2. Can we send you MP3's with our band?
- NO! Please don't! We just erase it. And, since people don't get the hint, we will block your email from further mails. I.E., don't e-mail us any MP3s.
      # 2.1. Can we send photos/bios etc. of our band to you by e-mail?
- No, please don't send any of that stuff unless we ask for it. See answer no. 2.
      # 2.2. Can we include you on our mailinglist?
- No, please don't unless we specifically ask for it. Hey, what are the odds that we will travel 1,500 miles for a show with a band we've never even heard of or the likeliness that we'd actually be interested in playlists from a radiostation that only airs trans-techno music...

We get too many of these mails already.
# 3. Is there any point in sending you links to MP3 sites where you can download songs to listen to?
Sending links to streaming sites is OK but not download links. NOTE: DO NOT E-MAIL US MP3S, JUST LINKS! SEE ANSWER NO 2.
# 4. Are you currently looking for new bands?
Our release schedule is constantly full and with the exception of the bands we're currently talking to, we're not signing any new bands at the moment.
# 5. I heard / read somewhere that you released a record with Sigur Rós. Is that so?

That's the "other" Bad Taste (the Icelandic / Danish one). However, if you like Sigur Rós, you should check out our band Logh.
# 6. Can you put up a link to my website?
No. We don't have any links on our page except for the "Random Link Of The Day" and you wont end up on that list unless you:

a. Give us money.
b. Know us.
c. Give us even more money.
      # 6.1. Do you want to trade links?
No. See answer 6.
# 7. When will (insert favorite BTR band here) play in (insert your hometown here)?
Well, why don't you check out the shows section... If it's not listed in the shows section then they wont play there.
      # 7.1. But aren't there any plans for a tour in (insert your country here)?
As soon as a show or tour is confirmed it will be posted on our website.
# 8. Trouble finding our releases in your local record shop?
If you have trouble finding our releases please ask you local record shop to contact and order them from our fine distributors:

Austria - Soulfood Music Distribution
Be-Ne-Lux - Suburban
Canada - Fontana North
Dk-No-Fin - Playground Music
France - Soulfood Music
Germany - Soulfood Music Distribution
Italy - Rude Records
Portugal - Rude Records
Sweden - Border Music
Spain - Rude Records
U.K. - Republic Of Music
U.S.A. - MRI & Cobraside
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Danko Jones - Full Of Regret, taken from BTR 136
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