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  Records / Danko Jones Spoken Word / The Magical World Of Rock BTR 85
# 1 Public Speaker
# 2 The Professional
# 3 The Magical World Of Rock
# 4 The Godfather Of Rock'n'Soul
# 5 Ronnie
# 6 The Ozzygraph Session
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Release Date 2004-11-15
You like rock ’n’ roll music? That’s great. Put this record down. Don’t put it on your stereo. Get up, make a sandwich, go for a walk, knit a sweater, build a model airplane — please, just do something else. Anything. This record is not for you. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

No, if you want to enter The Magical World of Rock you must LOVE rock music, with capital letters, 20-point font and a bold typeface. If you’ve seen Danko Jones lording over stages from Stockholm to his native Toronto, then you’ve seen this love in action — you’ll find it in the sweat that soaks his suits and the blood smeared on his guitar strings. And if you’ve seen Danko Jones live, you also know the man likes to talk. Most of the time, he’s talking about himself. (No, make that, all of the time.) But this time, it’s different - following a relentless year-long tour in support of 2003’s We Sweat Blood — Danko kept on talking, dropping the guitar but holding onto the mic for a European spoken-word tour, of which this album is a definitive document. This is not a brash exercise in ego, but rather a sincere, humbling expression of reverence for the rock ’n’ soul legends who made Danko Jones the man he is today.

In The Magical World of Rock, your favourite album is holier than a thousand bibles. “Professional Music Listener” is a full-time, tax-paying job. Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf is your personal pot dealer. Solomon Burke is God. And girlfriends who own Elton John records must be dumped immediately.

Like his music, The Magical World of Rock is all about Danko Jones telling it like it is. You’ve just never heard it told like this before. Welcome to the Kingdom. Here’s your key.
Records / Danko Jones Spoken Word / The Magical World Of Rock BTR 85
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